Foundry products

The own foundry of Armalit JSC produces castings from iron, steel and non-ferrous alloys. The company's products are used by the metro (bushings, switch liners, sideways), during the operation of industrial complexes (crucibles, cradles), in shipbuilding (valve bodies, fittings), tractor construction (crankcases, gearbox housings), housing and utilities (waste bins, hatches, lampposts). Colossal experience, production capabilities and professionalism of the company's specialists allow us to produce castings of any complexity, of high quality, both according to drawings and original products without special design documentation.

Iron casting

Material: gray high-strength and heat-resistant cast iron (SCh10-SCh30, SCh30f, VCh45-VCh60, AChV-1.2, AChS-2.3, ChS-5, ChKh-32, etc.)

Shaping Maximum dimensions of castings (mm) Maximum weight of castings (kg)
Shell casting 400 х 300 х 200 70
Casting in XTS 1000 х 800 х 600 700

In addition to the manufacture of castings, Armalit JSC offers services in the field of tool production .

The consumers of the foundry products of JSC "Armalit" are such enterprises as: LLC "Allanit", LLC "TekhnoMash-SpecStroy", LLC "Beton SPB", JSC "Compressor Plant", JSC "Proletarskiy Zavod", JSC "Baltic Plant" ", Etc.

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