A meeting of the editorial board of the Morskoy Vestnik magazine was held at Armalit


Several years ago, Armalit received a request to develop and manufacture samples of special electrically driven pipeline valves with a response speed of no more than 0.2 seconds. These products were designed to work with a variety of gaseous and liquid media: oxygen, diesel and ethanol. In this case, the value of the operating temperature of the conducted media is in the range from 0 to +300 ºC.

The St. Petersburg manufacturer has manufactured an electrically driven pipeline fittings, the response time of which does not exceed 0.2 seconds.

Such ultra-fast valves were required for use in ship systems, where the speed of transition from the "open" to "closed" position is traditionally considered in whole numbers, not decimal numbers, and usually for similar products it is from 5 to 8 seconds. The instantaneous response rate of the created products was due to their specific function - the fittings were intended to protect the most critical areas of the ship's system in emergency situations, so the response of products to non-standard changes should be immediate.

Thus, Armalit was faced with the task of reducing the speed of valve actuation by 25 times. As a result, the service of the chief designer of "Armalit" has developed a series of special electric-driven pipeline fittings with a DN passage from 10 to 20 mm, which ensures the performance of all the functions assigned to it while maintaining the technical characteristics. Products are able to withstand the impact of heated aggressive media due to a special combination of alloys that make up the main components of the fittings - the body, the flow path and the shut-off element. The question of speed was solved due to the features of the drive, which was also completely created in the design bureau of "Armalita".

  • 21.09.2019

    "Armalit" hosted a meeting of the editorial board of the "Morskoy Vestnik" magazine 2

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