Armalit JSC creates conditions for realizing the potential of its employees, provides opportunities for career and professional growth. The company is interested in responsible, motivated and caring people - professionals and those who are just starting their career.

The plant solves large-scale problems in the design and manufacture of complex products. For over 140 years we have been creating valves for various industries. Write your name in the glorious history of Armalit JSC!

1,300 people - total number of employees


  • Official employment according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
  • Pay without delays
  • Guaranteed vacation - 28 days
  • Paid sick leaves
  • Collective agreement of JSC "Armalit", which additionally protects the interests of employees
  • Control of the trade union committee over the observance of labor rights of workers

Social support:

  • Financial support for the birth of a child
  • Partial compensation of the cost of vouchers to the children's camp
  • Free vaccination

All new employees of "Armalit" undergo training-acquaintance with the "Welcome" enterprise, which includes a detailed story about the activities of the plant.

Leisure activities:

  • Festive concerts organized by the "Council of Youth" of JSC "Armalit"
  • Regular participation in sports competitions - the plant's football and volleyball teams
  • Traditional competitions in badminton, domino and table tennis
  • Regular participation in the sports and cultural gathering of workers of the shipbuilding industry "Karavella"

Development and career growth:

  • Conducting professional trainings, as well as training courses and seminars in the direction of the employer
  • Teaching Lean tools to apply them to work
  • The possibility of upgrading the category as a result of successful certification at the enterprise
  • Attracting employees to large in-plant projects