Production capacity

The production capacities of the Armalit machine-building plant allow carry out the entire cycle of work - from creating a drawing of a future product to delivery finished products. The enterprise's equipment park has more than 500 units modern machine tools and unique complexes of various directions of processing, including including:

  • 300 CNC machines.
  • 75 machining centers.
  • 25 units of measuring and laboratory equipment.
  • 25 test benches.
  • 14 posts of EWM welding equipment.
  • Robotic complex "Fanuc" using MIG / MAG welding.
  • 2500 ton hot die forging press and hydraulic press with a force of 2500 tons for cold forming.

60 thousand m2 production area.

The company creates the best conditions for the production of high quality products.


  • introduction of new equipment and technologies;
  • use of modern materials;
  • quality maintenance of equipment;
  • carrying out repair and maintenance work;
  • compliance with technical documentation requirements.

Organizational conditions:

  • raising production culture;
  • implementation of lean manufacturing technologies;
  • staff development;
  • employee motivation;
  • exchange of experience;
  • modern operational management system.

The company pays great attention to the applied technologies and continuously improves its own equipment park.

The plant has various types of special tooling and cutting tool. At "Armalit" the process of selection of the most optimal modes of cutting, testing and implementation of advanced domestic and imported tool.

Today vertical lathes are actively introduced - their layout allows for efficient processing of characteristic details, in addition, at a minimum area to arrange more pieces of equipment. Installation of water-jet cleaning of surfaces has also found wide application. Goes testing of a thermal impulse installation for deburring.

Special technologies:

  • hot die forging;
  • cold sheet stamping;
  • a large number of types of heat treatment, including oxidation parts made of titanium alloys.