Factory laboratory

Laboratory Service

The laboratory service plays an important role in the quality control system of manufactured products, including carrying out incoming compliance control the quality of raw materials, materials, semi-finished products of finished products according to the current standards and specifications.

  • 40 employees, certified in the areas of the type of activity (including in the Public Association "AUC TSNIITMASH")
  • 5 specialized laboratories
  • Modern testing equipment and measuring instruments of Russian and foreign production
  • The equipment is certified in accordance with the requirements of ND

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The laboratory service of the enterprise is a modern analytical center that complies with GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2019 and is certified in as a testing laboratory in FBU "Test - S.-PETERSBURG", has a conclusion on the status of measurements.

The service includes the following laboratories:

Non-destructive testing laboratory

The laboratory of non-destructive testing methods reveals the defects of the investigated objects without violating their physical integrity. Here they are doing non-destructive testing of welded joints and deposited coatings of metals, and also case and fasteners, forgings, rolled metal and alloys

The laboratory carries out work on the following types of control:

  • radiographic;
  • ultrasonic;
  • capillary.

Laboratory services

Non-destructive testing laboratory:

  • is accredited in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 (GOST ISO / IEC 17025 - 2019);
  • confirmed the technical competence and functioning of the system management;
  • accredited by the ILAC Signatory;
  • has the right to use the Combined MRA Mark on issued test reports;
  • meets the requirements of the Non-Destructive Testing System (certificate of attestation No. 02А050173 dated 25.11.2020).
Every year highly professional laboratory staff carry out more than 45,000 studies and tests to ensure the quality of manufactured products by JSC Armalit has always remained at a consistently high level.

Metrological laboratory

Metrological laboratory performs work on the calibration of tools measurements, measuring the geometric parameters of all kinds of parts on a coordinate measuring machine NikonLKV 15.12.10, as well as roughness measurements with the device MarSurfM400

Metrological laboratory "Armalit":

  • Listed in the register of the Russian calibration system
  • Meets the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2019