Design department

In 2012, its own design bureau was recreated at Armalit. For several years, the enterprise was able not only to regain the lost positions in the field development and design of pipeline valves, electric drives and automatic control systems, but also to become a leading domestic developer in industry.

Having its own design bureau allows Armalit to quickly develop not only new products, but also create highly intelligent systems control of pipeline valves.

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    R&D is in progress

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    products under the letter code IYUKL were developed and put into production

Design Bureau "Armalita" - one of the few in Russia - is engaged in the design and manufacture of products for a wide range of industries industries such as: shipbuilding, nuclear, chemical, oil, gas production, transport.


Design office specialization

  • Development of pipeline fittings.
  • Creation of electric drives, electrical machines, controllers and software software for their management and diagnostics.
  • Design of control cabinets and software for automated remote control and management of the group of electric actuated fittings according to the commands of the upper automation system of the upper level via digital and discrete communication channels; control cabinets can equipped with uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Development of documentation: operational.
  • Conducting interagency, qualification and type tests.

Our developments

  • Ball valves DN 10-200
  • Butterfly valves DN 50-1200 with electric actuator and manual control
  • Special fittings for working media hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
  • Safety valves
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Shut-off valves
  • Non-return shut-off valves with electric actuator and manual control
  • Bellows valves with electric actuator and manual control
  • Filters
  • Heating medium fittings
  • Cranes for surface ships
  • Electric actuators
  • Control cabinets

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