About us

Armalit JSC

Armalit JSC is a modern plant specializing in the development, production and testing of pipeline valves for the shipbuilding, oil and gas, chemical and nuclear industries. The company is one of the top 5 largest valve manufacturing plants in Russia.


The history of Armalit JSC dates back to 1878, when the German industrialist Rudolf Grosh founded foundry and mechanical workshops in St. Petersburg.

In Soviet times, the enterprise became the main supplier of ship fittings for the shipbuilding industry, and in 1978 it was awarded the Order of the Red Banner: For great services in the creation and production of new equipment.

Over the more than 140-year history of continuous operation, the enterprise has changed its name more than once, but the specialization of the plant remains unchanged, as well as the reliability and quality of products.

Plant history

  • 60

    thousand m2 of production area

  • 4

    billion rubles annual turnover

  • 1300


  • 500

    units of modern machine tools

The company offers:

  • Pipe fittings
  • Nipple-end elements, flanges, pipe fittings
  • Rubber-metal shock absorbers AKSS
  • Model, press-forging equipment
  • Castings from various types of steel, cast iron, bronze and brass
  • Stampings and forgings

Laboratory Service

The laboratory service is an analytical center complying with GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2019 and certified as a testing laboratory in FBU "Test - S.-PETERSBURG", has a conclusion on the state of measurements.

We do:

  • radiographic control
  • ultrasonic testing
  • capillary control
  • mechano-metallographic control
  • spectral analysis
  • chemical analysis
  • sanitary and industrial control

Geography of supplies

Among the customers of JSC "Armalit" are more than 150 enterprises of mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and the petrochemical industry.

Every day the company supplies products throughout Russia: from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

The products of Armalit JSC are also well known in Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Vietnam, India and China.

Our partners

Northern shipyard
Admiralty Shipyards
OKA synthesis
The quality management system of Armalit JSC is certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, GOST R ISO 9001-2015 and GOST RV 0015-002- 2012. The enterprise has implemented an integrated management system in the field of ecology, occupational safety and health protection for compliance with the requirements of standards 14001: 2015 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. The “Claims Management” process has been introduced and is constantly being improved in accordance with GOST R ISO 10002-2007.

All certificates and licenses

LLC "Armalit. Civil Valve Engineering"

LLC Armalit. Civil Valve Building "is a part of the Armalit JSC group of companies. The company was founded as part of the optimization of production and the development of a civilian direction, separate from the military. Its main goal is to cover the needs of the general industrial valves market for high-quality Russian-made products.

Today, according to the drawings of its own design bureau, the company manufactures pipeline valves for the chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, gas and nuclear industries.

LLC Armalit. Civil Valve Building "is a modern industrial complex, which has its own foundry, a park of modern metalworking equipment, most of which are new CNC machines and machining centers, its own certified laboratory of non-destructive and destructive testing methods, design department, R&D department.

The company offers:

  • Gate valves stuffing box and bellows (DN15-200 mm PN1.6-16.0 MPa)
  • Wedge gate valves (DN50-1000 mm PN1.6-6.3MPa)
  • Symmetric butterfly valves with double / triple eccentricity (DN50-2500mm PN1.0-6.3MPa)
  • Ball valves (DN10-1000 mm PN1.6-6.3MPa)
  • Gate valves ZKS type (DN15-32mm PN1.6-16.0 MPa)
  • Lift / rotary check valves (DN15-400 mm PN1.6-4.0 MPa)
  • Axially symmetric control valves (DN15-400 mm PN1.6-4.0 MPa)

LLC "Armalit. Civil shipbuilding"

LLC Armalit. Civil shipbuilding "is a subsidiary of JSC" Armalit", created on the production base of JSC" Armalit "with the aim of specializing in the supply of ship equipment for civil shipbuilding.

A well-established chain of cooperation unites more than 150 best enterprises in the industry: both Russian (from the Far East to the North-West) and leading foreign manufacturers of ship equipment from Italy, Germany, South Korea, China, Turkey, France, Switzerland and India. Well-established relations with equipment manufacturers allow us to guarantee reasonable terms and prices for products.

Currently, the company is able to supply more than 20,000 items of the following groups:

  • Marine pipeline fittings for the needs of civil shipbuilding with diameters from 10 mm to 900 mm (for special orders - up to 1200 mm) and pressure up to 100 kg / cm2 (for special orders - up to 600 kg / cm2). The assortment of STPA includes more than 5 800 items: kingstones; shut-off and non-return shut-off valves; quick-closing valves; throttle valves and dampers; safety valves; valves regulatory; end fire valves; pressure reducing valves; boxes 2, 3-valve; marine filters; clinket gate valves; track slams, ball valves, butterfly valves, fittings for heat carrier, for special and aggressive media, etc.
  • Shock absorbers (AKSS, ADPN, APS, AKPO, KAS, ESA, A) - more 100 items.
  • Butt-end connections made of steel (St20-40), corrosion-resistant steel (08X18H10T), brass (L90), bronze (BrAZHNMts 9-4-4-1, BrAMts 9-2) and special alloys (3M, PT-3V), nominal bore up to 40 mm and pressure up to 400 kgf / cm2. Conducted media: sea and fresh water, heavy petroleum products, oil fractions, steam up to 400o C, condensate, liquids hydraulic systems, helium, etc.
  • Mounting flanges made of steel (St20-40), corrosion-resistant steel (08Х18Н10Т), polyamide, bronze (BraZHNMts 9-4-4-1, BrAMts 9-2), brass (LTs16K4, L90) and titanium alloys (3M, PT-3V) nominal bore up to 300 mm and pressure up to 200 kgf / cm2.
  • Tees, elbows, bends, adapters made of corrosion-resistant steel (08Х18Н10Т, 12Х18Н9ТЛ), bronze (BraZHNMts 9-4-4-1, BrAMts9-2, BrO8Ts4), brass (LTs16K4, L90) and titanium alloys (3M, PT-3V, TL3) nominal bore up to 300 mm and pressure up to 600 kgf / cm2. The ongoing media: sea and fresh water, air, inert gas, system fluids hydraulics, steam up to 400o C.

LC Armalit. Civil shipbuilding supplies the specified products directly from more than 100 Russian and foreign manufacturers equipment. The quality of products is confirmed by passports with marks of Quality Control Department manufacturers, and, if necessary, with RRR and RMRS certificates.

PJSC "Askold" is a diversified machine-building complex, one of the leading valve-building enterprises in Russia. More than 75 years of the enterprise specializes in the production of pipeline valves of high (up to 40 MPa) and low pressure (from 0.01 MPa) for shipbuilding and ship repair.

The range of PJSC "Askold" is more than 1200 items of locking and control valves made of bronze, brass, special alloys, stainless and structural steels. Products are reliable and designed for a long time operation (up to 27 years).

PJSC "Askold" also produces fittings for fire extinguishing systems on ships and ships, connecting elements for the installation of piping systems, corrosion protection protectors.

High quality of products is ensured by four types of acceptance: Quality Control Department, Of the Marine and River Registers and the Aircraft Administration of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The company performs installation supervision and service work in all areas of manufactured products, warranty and post-warranty repairs, carries out supply of individual spare parts and complete repair kits, and also produces repair and restoration of technical readiness of pipeline valves as own production, and other manufacturers.